A Top Producer Through the Eyes of A Broker – Capri D’Amario

What is a Top Producer?

If 20 brokers were asked this question, I am sure there would be 20 slightly different answers with some common themes. To me, for my brokerage, a Top Producer is an agent who commits his/her professional life to their craft. They become not only a financial success, but a success to their peers and clients and represent the company with respect and professionalism. This is not achieved simply by closing (x) number of sales. This takes dedication, ethics, persistence, courtesy, cooperation and respect to those the agent works for or with, and most of all, the clients.

Many agents in my company come to mind, and I wanted to begin a tribute to these amazing agents by personally acknowledging them in this blog series. One agent that embodies all of those characteristics is Capri D’Amario.

Capri D’Amario

For those that know Capri, they know she is always available to help another agent. She will brainstorm with agents and she will discuss what works for her and is not afraid to share some of her strategies with them. Her clients have nothing but great things to say about her, but I see beyond that. If something comes up after the sale, Capri is on it. She works diligently to maintain her client’s satisfaction. She does not avoid calls and will face any unpleasant situation until a resolution is reached, no matter how uncomfortable it is for her.

As her broker, it is easy for me to look at the numbers and say Capri is an important and valuable component to our organization. She is consistently a RE/MAX 100% Award Winner and soon will be a Platinum Club and Hall of Fame Winner. She achieved her success on her own, without an assistant and without any buyers agents. (In fact, most of our agents have reached incredible success without an assistant or buyer’s agent.) But that is not the only reason Capri has value to me and the company. Capri and I (as do others, so stay tuned to read about our other agents) have gone through good times and bad times together. We have weathered a recession and have helped each other through many struggles.

As with many of my agents (who have been with our office since our beginning), together we have overcome many obstacles in business and life. Like any relationship, we have challenges, but we always find a way to make it work. We believe in each other and we motivate each other. Capri not only shines as an agent, but holds me accountable as a broker/owner, which in turn drives me to be better than I would be without her.

It’s funny because Capri and I often reflect on our first interview together, where (in response to my questioning her what she wants professionally) she tells me she wants to make as much money as possible while working as little as possible. I told her that I didn’t think that makes much sense, as it takes extremely hard work to be successful (being sure not to only focus on the financial aspect). Capri was determined to prove me wrong by joining our office and working EXTREMELY HARD and becoming a huge success! It is funny how things work out.


When I see Capri out and about showing houses, attending a home inspection, throwing a charity event (which she does quite often BTW), meeting clients at the office at all hours and so forth, I can’t help but feel thankful Capri is a RE/MAX Home Expert agent, and I look forward to many more years watching her achieve new heights and rise Above the Crowd!