This Is Not Your Typical Bagel Shop!

As a real estate broker and agent, I understand that buying a home is as much about lifestyle as it is about the house. This is why I look to find my top community fooderies and recreational spots in areas I service.

My love affair for coffee shops and cafes is deep. When I travel or visit a new city or town, I have to search for the highest rated coffee shops, brunch spots and cafes I can find. Typically, when traveling to a less than metropolitan area or a suburb, I am left disappointed in both the quality and freshness of the food, creativity and atmosphere of the space and menu, and of course, in their coffee.

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Mount Royal Bagel Company has restored my faith that there exists a quality, stylish coffee and brunch spot in the suburbs. MRBC is located in Marlton Crossing Shopping Center of Marlton, NJ (about 20 minutes outside of Philadelphia, PA), where one would expect to find HomeGoods, TJ Maxx, DSW Shoes and Pat’s Pizza, to name a few. One can imagine my surprise at finding a quality coffee shop tucked away in the corner of this plaza. Dunkin Donuts perhaps, but not this.

What makes Mount Royal Bagel Company stand out?

For starters, it’s the atmosphere. A tastefully decorated cafe complete with old world charm by its use of earthy wood and industrial lighting, yet has an urban appeal coming from the exposed brick surrounding the oven. It’s also the perfect place for sitting down, grabbing a sandwich or omelette, and a coffee or tea.

Second, it is the coffee. When I find a place in NJ that serves La Colombe Coffee (and actually serves it with the intent of a quality coffee shop using professional barista equipment for its brewing purposes), it now has become the most important factor that will determine my returning in the future. They also have other drinks and esspresso, which makes this more than just a Bagel Shop. It feels more like a Cafe that has bagels.


Finally, it is the Bagel. The bagels are exceptional. I never had a Cannadian Bagel, but they are boiled in honey and baked in an oven. They have a sweetness, yet filling wholesomeness to them. I’ll let you read more about it here.

The staff was friendly and helpful – which is not always the case when I go to many city cafes. They offer catering services as well.

This is definitely a bright spot for Marlton and a MUST TRY!